Wednesday 26 March 2014

History of the needlefelted Alien.

As I was browsing through the seemingly endless stream of photos on my laptop, I noticed how over the years my needlefelted aliens have evolved.
The first alien came as I was just experimenting with wool and my then 4 year old son suggested an alien. Archie was born.
When he came home from daycare I presented him with the day's efforts. He burst into tears and proclaimed he wanted an alien with 6 eyes not 3. Back to the drawing board!
A alien with 6 eyes was born.
Archie was one of the first felt projects I ever sold at my first craft fair back in 2008.
Since then I have made rainbow aliens, party aliens, soap eating aliens,super hero aliens, credit card holding aliens, giant aliens, mini aliens in a jar and  aliens that now live in New York!
I have lost count of the number of eyeballs I have made and how many kilos of green alien wool I have used.
People have bought them for wedding gifts, birthdays,  to decorate baby's nursery, a friend to sit on their work desk and for that person that has everything! They reside in an astronomy shop in Helsinki I have repeat customers and have made aliens to certain specifications! They reside all over the world - Japan, Belgium, UK, USA, Australia and beyond!
They feature on my business cards and postcards of them are always popular as the alternate Christmas card!!

Each one is different and each one has a name - making them is a delight and never ceases to make me smile so here are a few more 'little green guys' that have bought me so much pleasure ( and a few euros!!)over the last 6 years. Enjoy!!


  1. Reading this was a fabulous start to the day...i was actually searching felt suppliers in Finland but this was an even better find :) fabulous creations!!