Thursday, 31 January 2008

February already!

Where did January go? It's February tomorrow and before we know it, it will be Easter! At least I have managed to do some felting, actually making snowmen for next Christmas. At this rate it will here in a flash! It feels good to be back creating again and I plan to wield the soap and hot water tomorrow - I love wet felting. So many ideas , so little time!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

No excuses

I'm all set up now in my little workshop, computer up and running with the new wifi Internet my dear husband installed, virgin radio is on and I have no excuses now for not writing my blog! My internet page is almost ready at so next weeks task will be sorting and uploading photos. Very exciting!

Friday, 18 January 2008


Originally uploaded by feltfinland
I LOVE black and white photos. My niece took these at Christmas and seeing her new camera inspired me to invest in a new one too!

My christmas presents to me!

I have splashed the cash today and oh was it fun! Our old PC is really not well so welcome to a new all singing and dancing laptop! It will be great as I launch into the big bad world of business and the camera that also found its way into my shopping trolley will be great for showing off my works of art on my website.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Spring cleaning

I have started spring cleaning already! i know it's January and we are in the middle of winter here, though you wouldn't know - not a snow flake in sight.
The first thing to be blasted was the kids craft box, next the desk then the large pile of Christmas stuff piled in the corner. I walked into the playroom full of good intent but decided coffee was a better option and the toys could wait another day!
The little boy is still not 100% but his blood sugar is starting to settle so I am a bit happier about that. Some days I wish it would all go away - well one day who knows!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

The long weekend

Back home from a weekend at the in-laws. They live 3 hours drive away in Lappeenranta in south eastern Finland. Thanks must go to Shrek for providing the in car entertainment! Foul weather(wind, snow , no playing outside), a small flat and two excited children don't exactly go well together but we just about survived even when our 4 year old diabetic son threw a high temperature which sent his blood sugar skywards. We are still learning as far as his diabetes is concerned but we coped and we are home safe and he is now curled upon the sofa with Piglet, looking a little happier.
I am quite pleased with the look of the blog but I'm sure a few more tweaks will come about. My next task is to try and post a few photos!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Setting up

I have a love - hate relationship with my computer. Today is not a good day, in fact this is a chuck it in the pile of wet snow outside the window day. Yes I am trying hard to set up my blog! Well third time lucky it is slowly taking shape and with a few(well lots probably) more tweaks I will be happy.