Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Down the line

4 years for the little man and 10 months for me - after diagnosis day that is.
How are we doing? Well as I said to the doctor today, we are just getting on with life. The kids rushing out the door at the last minute to walk to school, me filling and the refilling the washing machine, restocking the fridge, wondering(again) what to cook for supper - life just trundles along, generally quite happily.
Yes some days are not so great, I struggle to haul myself out of bed some dark grey November mornings, blood sugar numbers do such weird things and I hate not understanding why and the milk has run out. Then there are those little victories that mean so much - finally the nine timestable makes sense to my little lady, at midnight seeing a 'spot on' 6.5mmol/l blood sugar reading and the emergence of another needle felted creature that makes me smile.
Sometimes those little things really grind you down but then so often it is also a little thing that will make you smile and make you realise life is good!