Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My therapy weekend

Nothing out of the ordinary I assure you, just a glorious weekend of felting with like minded folks. I did a course in Helsinki last month, the idea to make a bag. Not something I would normally consider making but it was really good to test my skills and as always it is amazing what you learn!!
Tip number one was using a much thicker resist than I had previously. Normally I use double bubble wrap or similar but this time used an old camping mat, much thicker and firmer and so much easier to work round.
Next tip , which I have seen but never done, take an old juice bottle , stab a few holes in the top and use to sprinkle hot soapy water over your project! So simple but so effective!
Finally don't use white wool and green wool together! I didn't have enough white wool to make a thick enough back for the bag so used some green Finn wool and blue merino for a smoother finish. Bad idea , green dye came out and was taken up by the silk and white merino I had used on the front. Not too bad but won't do that again!
My workplace for the weekend!

Much thicker resist really helped.

Note the slight green tinge!

Large button for show and have added an old brown belt as a strap.
I had tome on Sunday to make a second bag and it so happened to be my Mum's birthday round the corner so lightbulb moment - a bag!!
This one was much smaller and simpler and came together really quickly. I had made a long handle ages ago as was able to use it for this project.
Again a thick resist and it was much easier to notice the shrinkage. Once it was holding well I cut the resist out and firmed the edges. Once dry I sew the handle/strap in place to make sure it stayed. I have not had much success felting handles on, definitely need more practise on that!

Sprinkler juice bottle!

Cutting out the resist.

Handle firmly sewn on, button for prettiness!

A fun weekend and great to learn new stuff as always. I am now contemplating 10 weeks of school holidays and seeds of ideas are forming for Christmas. With luck I can sneak in the odd hour or two of felting in the summer, perhaps a bigger project whilst I have two assistants to help with the rolling and fulling, or perhaps not.....