Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Catch up

October next week! 3 months to Christmas! It's all going too fast! So much to do , so much to tell! Felting will finally get a look in soon  - I have been busy in my chaos of a workshop and just need to take some photos of the latest creations. It has been good to get back to 'work' even though some days I struggle to motivate myself to do much at all. A 5 day craft fair a couple of months away is actually a good kick up the backside to get busy! Here's something I made this summer.
A seat pad for the bench outside the sauna -black and red representing the Karelia region

All trundling as smoothly as is even vaguely possible on the Diabetes front, HbA1c 7.4, new Enlite CGM sensors to try and also Mio infusion sets instead of Quicksets. Will let you know how we get on.
Big step - trip away for me and my dear husband, 3 nights 4 days - Olli's brother and wife are looking after the children - sounds straight forward until you throw in Diabetes as we all well know. We have already had one set change 'tutorial' and crash course in carb counting! Next task to type out some step by step instructions for the set change, not as easy as it sounds. Some things are so automatic now, you don't realise you have done them but we can do this!