Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Help in a crisis

Poor Elli had a major nose bleed today whilst we were out shopping. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the lady and gentleman who stopped and helped as I tried to stop the blood flow, right in the middle of a busy shopping centre. Fortunately all was well but it was so nice to have support from complete strangers in a time of crisis. Thank you.

Monday, 29 December 2008

One of those hysterical moments....

The children and I went shopping today as we are fed up of ham and we had no bread left! As we were browsing in the fruit and veg section my son spotted some great fresh pineapples. Even better they were fair trade(the kids are expert at fair trade sticker spotting). Aleksi directed me to a particularly delicious looking one and as I pulled it off the shelf the large pile of Grapefruits next to it collapsed! Well so did we! As Grapefruits took off round the supermarket we just laughed and laughed. Obviously I had removed the key pineapple holding up the very large grapefruit stack! Finally I composed myself enough to get the kids to round up the errant fruit as I tried to restack them. As the last grapefruit was carefully returned to the pile, it started to wobble so we ran and hid in the cereal aisle next door. We did get some odd looks but boy did we laugh!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Secret mission complete!

Elli and I sneaked out last night in the dark cold drizzle and made the drop! We decided the top of the slide was a good place as it gave Harri a bit of shelter from the rain. No one was about in the park and the mission was a success. I am talking about the Toy Society Christmas drop -
I made a needle felted toy, to be dropped somewhere in a public place , to be found by someone who gets to take them home and keep them! What a great idea!
Meet Harri, a very special chap who has a real heart too! Here he is waiting to be found at the top of the slide in the local park. We had great fun planning the drop and all the family were involved too! Husband translated the label into Finnish, Aleksi gave Harri his name and Elli found the perfect spot for him to wait! My Mum ,whose visiting, even went for a walk this morning and reported back that he had gone! You can follow the progress of all the toy drops around the world on the blog - - we will be while we plan the next one!
Merry Christmas! :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Why now!

Over the last couple of weeks Aleksi's blood sugar levels have gone haywire! No idea why and I doubt there is a simple answer but still why now? Now of course there are endless celebrations and parties at day care and I can't deny him some Christmas fun.I asked him at the weekend what he would really like to do - his answer 'Go to McDonalds!' So we went for the first time since he was diagnosed a year ago. I have never seen a burger disappear so fast.
Anyway it seems as though things have settled down a bit(almost all today's readings were under 4!!!!) so back to juggling insulin and counting the extra grey hairs(lots!)
On the felting front I have completed 2 major projects but as they are both secret presents you will have to wait for pictures!I am really pleased with the results and hope their new owners will like them lots.
One week and counting.............

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Time to get ready..

Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief. The Christmas fairs are done and dusted, the last one being 5 days long! It was however very successful and had a nice friendly relaxed atmosphere, which helped a lot.My bestsellers were my pincushions - fun to make too! Now it is time to turn my full attention to getting ready for Christmas - my parents arrive next week and the children have various celebrations at school and day care plus we have some snow! Actually it's a bit wet and slushy but it looks pretty! The shopping is well in hand, the ham is ordered and I have started stocking up on essentials - chocolates, pickles, mustard and dough to make a ginger bread house( that's Grandma's job when she arrives!!)
I still have a few felting projects I need to do and already I am planning ideas in my head for Easter! My next fair is the end of February so no time to waste!! I need to tidy my work room before I do anything else - my first new years resolution!! Jack got dug out of his box yesterday - I haven't the heart to sell him so he will have pride of place in the living room!
Merry Christmas!