Monday, 29 December 2008

One of those hysterical moments....

The children and I went shopping today as we are fed up of ham and we had no bread left! As we were browsing in the fruit and veg section my son spotted some great fresh pineapples. Even better they were fair trade(the kids are expert at fair trade sticker spotting). Aleksi directed me to a particularly delicious looking one and as I pulled it off the shelf the large pile of Grapefruits next to it collapsed! Well so did we! As Grapefruits took off round the supermarket we just laughed and laughed. Obviously I had removed the key pineapple holding up the very large grapefruit stack! Finally I composed myself enough to get the kids to round up the errant fruit as I tried to restack them. As the last grapefruit was carefully returned to the pile, it started to wobble so we ran and hid in the cereal aisle next door. We did get some odd looks but boy did we laugh!


  1. I know we are supposed to get our 5-a-day but that's ridiculous!!

  2. Ooh you vandals!! :o) I live in fear and dread of kocking down a supermarket display. Being somewhat lacking in the height department I have to stretch, lean and even climb sometimes to reach stuff off high shelves.