Sunday, 21 December 2008

Secret mission complete!

Elli and I sneaked out last night in the dark cold drizzle and made the drop! We decided the top of the slide was a good place as it gave Harri a bit of shelter from the rain. No one was about in the park and the mission was a success. I am talking about the Toy Society Christmas drop -
I made a needle felted toy, to be dropped somewhere in a public place , to be found by someone who gets to take them home and keep them! What a great idea!
Meet Harri, a very special chap who has a real heart too! Here he is waiting to be found at the top of the slide in the local park. We had great fun planning the drop and all the family were involved too! Husband translated the label into Finnish, Aleksi gave Harri his name and Elli found the perfect spot for him to wait! My Mum ,whose visiting, even went for a walk this morning and reported back that he had gone! You can follow the progress of all the toy drops around the world on the blog - - we will be while we plan the next one!
Merry Christmas! :)

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