Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Why now!

Over the last couple of weeks Aleksi's blood sugar levels have gone haywire! No idea why and I doubt there is a simple answer but still why now? Now of course there are endless celebrations and parties at day care and I can't deny him some Christmas fun.I asked him at the weekend what he would really like to do - his answer 'Go to McDonalds!' So we went for the first time since he was diagnosed a year ago. I have never seen a burger disappear so fast.
Anyway it seems as though things have settled down a bit(almost all today's readings were under 4!!!!) so back to juggling insulin and counting the extra grey hairs(lots!)
On the felting front I have completed 2 major projects but as they are both secret presents you will have to wait for pictures!I am really pleased with the results and hope their new owners will like them lots.
One week and counting.............

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