Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One of my favourite places in the world!

Yes I love my creature comforts and I love my technology but I also love escaping back to a life that is pretty basic. For the last 10 years now, at Easter,  we have left the 'city' and headed for the country, specifically our 'summer' cottage. Now as Easter time varies we can be confronted with varying amounts of snow and a lake that may or may not be frozen. There will be no running water, frequent trips to refill the log basket, the annual Easter egg hunt and a lovely cold beer after sauna. Bliss!
Hopefully these photos will give you a little taste of our Easter!
Easter Sunday breakfast
Easter egg hunt!
Playing on the lake on the kick sledge!
Contemplating life whilst fishing!

Roll on Spring!
A view of the cottage from the frozen lake, next time we will see it from the boat!

Monday, 2 April 2012


We all have shelves.
We all have shelves full of stuff, books, toys, clothes, foodstuffs,photos, mementos of wonderful holidays as well as empty plastic boxes, old papers we might need some day and stuff you cannot readily identify.
We also have a really important shelf.
This shelf keeps my son alive and I am so grateful that is is well stocked, ready for any emergency, day or night.
But it would be nice if one day this shelf was empty or housing other 'stuff' - one day I hope we won't need this shelf as it is. One day we may have a cure.....