Sunday, 29 May 2011

Note to self...

Don't look at the screen of an insulin pump with 3D cinema glasses on unless you want a heart attack in the cinema...... Quick edit - it shows a horrible black screen with multi coloured splodges on it - thought we had complete pump failure, but no just had my groovy 3D specs on!!!!

Don't let the general public loose with felting needles unless you want a bent broken heap of metal in return...

Don't feed the cat that new cat food unless you want cat sick all over your magazines/clean washing/middle of the stairs.....

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Writing does not come easily to me. I only ever managed to scrape a couple of pages of a small exercise book at school for that 'create a story ' homework. Even in my job as a Physiotherapist I didn't have to write much and even then it looked a bit like this
 #RNOF-> RTHR. SLR/ hip Flex exs. Up FWB. FU OP 6/52.
Another language isn't it!
I have been blogging for just over 3 years now and my writing is still hit and miss!  Nowadays the most writing I ever do with a pen is entering blood sugar numbers into a logbook and that is usually a frenzied catch up every fortnight or so! Will the day ever come when we don't have to use a pen? Even the need for signatures is dwindling with chip and pin and online form filling.
OK that's out of my system now - time to go do something I can do - making things. Yes alien production line in full flow! May have to do an Alien Sugar bolus - there's a phrase I'd never thought I'd write......

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Something or nothing?

A blip on the X ray.
For most people, probably nothing.
For me could be something - not something that needs an urgent check but something that needs an eye on it. Could be nothing though.
Otherwise slow steady progress, time to up the exercises and try get back on my bike!
I plan to ease back into work now. I have been doing bits and bobs, particularly these guys for my daughter's birthday party bags !
By popular request they also played 'Pin the eye on the Alien!' a modern take on the donkey I suppose!!
I have a large bag of wool to wash and a couple of very late birthday presents to make plus of course a few more green guys for the shop! The accounts are done, tax forms done, big sigh of relief there thanks to my dear husband/accountant! Back to business finally. Feels good!