Monday, 31 August 2009

Pen to paper...

...Or rather fingers to keyboard :)
Summer is all but gone here, cooler nights and days slowly but surely getting shorter. The children are settled back in school and with luck we should have a plan in place quite soon for Aleksi and his injections.
The holidays ( ie the time the children were at home!!) were busy and fun - lots of time at the summer cottage, lots of jumping off the new jetty, berries and mushrooms galore, only a few horrendous high blood sugar(slight miscalculation for pizza and ice cream!), a wonderful week in Scotland with great friends and a really varied 6 days of orienteering.
The down side - well not much - not enough felting time but managed a few sneaked hours to feed the addiction, a cracked rib - serves me right for trying to run too fast downhill with the last control in sight, the hour queue just to get into the car park at Puuhamaa, an outdoor fun/swimming park - otherwise a lovely summer.
I have a Craft fair in Helsinki this weekend at Wanha Satama , stand C10 - check it out at
I have had a few new ideas over the summer months - I'll try post some photos here and on my flickr -
Meanwhile here is a photo that just about says it all!