Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Meet the Hoots!

I have been collecting wool locks from different breeds of sheep for the past couple of years. I was never  quite sure what to do with them, but knew they were too nice to card into a batt, to be swallowed up inside another project. I have long been an admirer of Birgitte Krag Hansen and inspired by an owl I made on one of her courses 2 years ago I finally found the perfect home for my locks!
Gotland, Merino/Targhee cross, Lleyn, Finn and Zwartbles
Olli Hoot

Oona Hoot

Ophelia Hoot

Oscar Hoot

Oswald Hoot
Finally the sun has come out and the snow is melting rapidly, despite the freezing nights still. It was great to get out side to take some decent photos in real sunlight. Roll on Spring!!