Monday, 14 January 2013


I have many of them for not blogging - take your pick!
Sheer laziness - pretty self explanatory
Life getting in the way - my favourite!
Angry Birds Star Wars and Skylanders - just one more game......
Felting and actually doing some work - it does get in the way sometimes!
Health issues - actually a pretty feeble excuse this one as we are doing pretty good.
Christmas - family time!
I could go on but they don't get any better!

I have also come to the realisation that not blogging isn't the end of the world as much as I enjoy reading what is happening in everyone's lives.However I will make an effort to put fingers to keyboard on Blogger a little more frequently!

I wonder what the word for Alien is in Flemish?
Creating has taken up a big part of my time in the run up to Christmas - a couple of exciting orders - 20 Aliens went to a new home in Belgium and a friend in America wanted 25 decorations based on the logo of UTSA  so busy busy!

Texas bound!

Off to market!!

Next up Christmas - I was a veritable production line of my little owl pincushions and I still ran out! Christmas decorations and of course Aliens were churned out and as ever sold well.

  and this photo just sums up Christmas really!

Fun stuff - clever clive ,super hero aliens, a batman hat which now has to become a creeper(minecraft)hat and gingerbread men !!!