Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Multiple stab injuries

I have struggled to get back into felting after holidays, Christmas etc and it shows. This week I have really got stuck into the needle felting again but I have stabbed myself so many times. Usually I stick myself once/twice in a days work. Well I'm well into double figures and it's only Wednesday! Must pay more attention and not get so carried away.
Here is what I am working on.... Waiting for a bit of colour. I often make the core of a project with grey or white wool as the dyed wool is a lot more expensive and no one sees the inside!

Easter bunnies in bits!

Need some icing and a few sprinkles!

Aliens quietly awaiting a few teeth and of course the all important eye or eyes!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Marvin's new home is going to be ...........

In Scotland, with Suse the slow knitta! Elli picked your name out of the suitably alien green bowl. Aleksi also wanted to pick out a name so Gunknitter with also be getting a little green something in the mail. E mail me so I can organise travel arrangements!

Thank you all for you comments and wonderful name ideas. I am well on my way to creating my next Alien batch - I have at least a dozen 'hatching' at the moment. I will have great fun in giving them some unique names!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

No tweeting but plenty of tweaking

I haven't really got into Twitter - I spend enough time on my laptop already, so no tweeting for me. However I do spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking. Many of you with Diabetic children can relate to this I am sure - tweaking units of insulin, carb ratios, amounts of carbs, night time doses, morning doses, school doses and so on. Every day seems to be different at the moment - great for my mental arithmatic skills I suppose, but it would be nice to have the odd couple of days when things just tick along nicely with no tweaks needed!
I will be drawing names out of a hat tomorrow for Marvin's rehoming. His bag is packed and he is ready to go!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Wanted - a new home for Marvin!

To celebrate 100 posts on my blog, it's giveaway time! poor Marvin needs a new home. All his buddies have gone off to pastures new and he is feeling a bit put out and lonesome. So to help out Marvin and me leave me a comment with a suggestion for new Alien names beginning with 'E'. Names will go in a hat next week and Marvin will be on his way!


Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome 2010!

We made it to UK safe and sound(albeit late!) and we made it back home safe. Christmas was a wonderful family affair, A's blood sugars behaved and I came back with my usual suitcase of English chocolate!
Now it is 2010, what can we expect? Well hopefully we can work to getting A onto an insulin pump, a big step but one which can only benefit him. I plan to get back into the workshop next week and start creating again. I have some larger wet felting projects I really want to do soon but I also need to replenish my stock of Aliens ready for a craft fair in March. Eggs are also on the menu along with bunnies and some more plants.
The children are back to school next week but in the meantime are enjoying the inordinate amount of snow we have!
I hope 2010 is a good if not great year for you all. It won't be easy it never is, but we will have fun along the way and we will look back in a year time and wonder at all that we have achieved.
Finally talking of achievements, this is post 99 so the big 100 next time. A 'giveaway' seems the way to go and of course it has to be an alien. So watch this space...........