Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What to make?

I am very rarely stuck for ideas for felting projects but it is nice to get a challenge every once in a while! I was thrown this one last week with a deadline of about a week and we were just off skiing for 4 days. Have wool will travel so last minute packing included needles and foam plus grab handfuls of various colour wools. I put the needles in the case as the thought of having to discuss the pro and cons of felting needles in the aeroplane was pushing my luck when we already had a bag full of diabetes supplies, an insulin pump and a tin hip to contend with!!

Minecraft TNT
Minecraft Creeper( well the head anyway!!)
Well I met my deadline in time for my son to take these as a gift for a friend's 10 year old birthday party last night.

Apparently Minecraft is the best game ever( if you are a 10 year old boy!) and guess what I have to make for all his friends birthdays now!!