Monday, 21 March 2011

Back on the night shift

Time to get back to 'normal' - Before my surgery I did the night blood sugar tests. We don't check every night routinely. We have a policy/ criteria for night time checks as discussed with our doctor. You will have your 'policy'( if that's the right word) for your child. This is what we do.  ( I am not a doctor - my disclaimer!)
So high before midnight  - correction bolus. High after midnight - increased temp basal. Night check - click, clunk dip - back in bed 3 minutes tops.
Last nights scenario - not sure NASA/ MI5 will want me now.
Miss alarm for 3am, forgot to turn up volume in Ipod.
Wake up at 3.32 - groan! Have to push cat of the bed so I can haul myself out of bed.
Find and put on Left running shoe! Very important!
Torch on, put in mouth.
Glasses on head.
Blood sugar meter tucked in armpit.
Find crutches - hop squeak across landing.
Gently and carefully lower self on the boy's very low bed, trying not to squash boy.
Park crutches so they don't fall into most inaccessible place possible.
Remove torch from aching mouth, don glasses.
Click , clunk, dip.
Groan, curse, cheer, fist pump, delete and act as appropriate.
Glasses back on head , torch in mouth.
Haul self back onto crutches, hop squeak back across landing, marvelling at lovely reflective shiny bits on running shoe in the torch light.
Park crutches, glasses, torch.
Apologise to cross cat.
Heave self back into bed - 9 minutes - not bad!!

It took me 30 minutes the other night - big low, sugar search, feed, check 1 hour later, no strips left - new box downstairs, hop squeak down and back up, still a bit low for my liking, I am not going downstairs again - find glucose tablet stash in bedroom - silent cheer in dark. As I feed the boy glucose tabs he mumbles how yummy they are! Reduced temp basal 2 hours One final check - sorted.

Felting - not. I have some great ideas for some bags after reading Heather's blog , but wet felting is out at the moment as I can't carry anything so to and fro to the bathroom with hot soapy water is out. Kneeling on the bathroom floor to pummel and full my felt is out. My ideas will have to wait.
I have prodded some wool into large ball like shapes - my total sum of needle felting.

Doctor tomorrow - 6 week check up - hopefully time to step it up, Please! I have been a good patient, promise!!