Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ticking along

The way life is at the moment, just ticking along nicely. Kids back at school and settled, a successful weekend craft fair done, a little down time for me from felting while I brainstorm some new ideas for Christmas.
Then something happens that bring things, albeit temporarily, to a grinding halt.
 Meri was one of the first 'D mums' I discovered, via her wonderful blog. She is one of the most witty and eloquent writers I have come across. She has four sons, three who have type 1 Diabetes. She was a huge help when we were making the decision whether to start using the insulin pump with Aleksi and her support was invaluable.
Early this year her husband, Ryan, was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer. They both fought hard and long but sadly Ryan passed away the beginning of this month.
It hit me hard, as all I could think about, somewhat selfishly, was that this could be me.
Meri has written some amazing posts over the past few weeks but I have found it so hard to write any meaningful comments. It all feels a bit close to home.

However spurred on by Meri, who is dusting herself off and heading back into the fray, I too am trying to do the same.
I have started some physiotherapy in an attempt to tone up my somewhat flabby if not non-existent bottom muscles. I have been tinkering in my felting room, creating a few projects, including one for Diabetes Art day as well as a felted seat pad which has already been tested on Aleksi's scout trip in the pouring rain!
I have also been cooking up a storm with apples - very therapeutic. You name it I have cooked it with apples! Fortunately we haven't got many left, only another 2 bucket loads to go. Ideas anyone?
So back to ticking along and back to felting in earnest - Christmas is coming......

RIP Ryan