Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 demons

I have 3 demons sitting on my shoulders at the moment all telling me different things , all pulling me in different directions. Firstly is wool, begging me to create something from it, pleading to be made into one of the many ideas floating around my head. Secondly we have insulin, teasing me and getting me to guess what will happen next. Finally we have sleep, beckoning at the times when I should be doing a multitude of useful chores and even some work(see wool).
I'm not quite sure who is top dog at the moment, certainly not me!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

B, Act, Esc

Not some new weird language, just the buttons we now have to press many times a day on A's new insulin pump. It is now day 3 and so far so good!
A, amazingly, has taken it all in his stride as 6 year olds do. My husband and I have a new friend in the 'telephone book sized' pump user manual! We have new words in our vocabulary now too - basal, sensor,bolus, quick set and shunker(the thing that 'shunks' in the new quick set). Actually it is almost like a new weird language!

Life goes on!