Wednesday, 5 May 2010

B, Act, Esc

Not some new weird language, just the buttons we now have to press many times a day on A's new insulin pump. It is now day 3 and so far so good!
A, amazingly, has taken it all in his stride as 6 year olds do. My husband and I have a new friend in the 'telephone book sized' pump user manual! We have new words in our vocabulary now too - basal, sensor,bolus, quick set and shunker(the thing that 'shunks' in the new quick set). Actually it is almost like a new weird language!

Life goes on!


  1. We call our shunter "the rocket!" I'm so glad it is going well!! You actually won my contest...great guess!! You won the minimed pump skin. (Don't worry, it peels right off when he doesn't want it anymore!) I thought you guys should go on the minimed website and pick out a skin for A's new pump, and then email me with which one you want. I'll order it and then ship it to you!

    Congrats on the pumping success! I'm so happy for you all! (do you still have my email address?)

  2. I'm so pleased it has been going so well. Kudos to Aleksi for taking it all in his stride. I have been checking your blog twice a day hoping for news and just let out a squeak making my husband jump when I saw you'd posted!

  3. love your blog what abrave chap