Thursday, 29 April 2010

Adventure time!

We have a busy week ahead, well more busy than usual! I am off to Copenhagen to do a weekend felting course with Birgitte Krag Hansen. I am so looking forward to it! On the flip side today we go get A's new insulin pump along with a shed load of information prior to us checking into the hospital 9am Monday morning. We then spend 3 days being taught the ways of the pump! Our next step or it feels more like a giant leap in this 'adventure' called Type 1 Diabetes.....


  1. Good luck on Monday!! You all are going to do great! Don't hesitate to send me a note if you have questions or need to let out your initial frustration. There will be a block of time that will feel overwhelming, but before you know it, it will be second nature...and such a blessing!

    Best wishes for your new adventure!

  2. Thanks Meri, we arrived home with a mountain of equipment and manuals the size of telephone books. I am wearing a quick set as we speak! Will keep you all posted!

  3. Oh, so exciting and I wish you lots and lots of luck. Have a great weekend in Denmark and hopefully it will set you up for a relaxed week with the pump. I know this will be me in a year or two and will be treating you as my guru. You have been warned!
    Hugs to A for next week too.

  4. Hallo Finland, this is Norway speaking ! I wish you good luck with the dia-pump, I really hope things get easier for you :)

    And lucky you... going to Denmark to Krag Hansen !!! I hope you have got your camera with you :)))