Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Our other life.

A place where wellies are essential and at this time of year, long johns and lots of layers are required. A place where we have to drill a hole in the lake for water to wash with. A place where important chores take priority - shovelling a path through the snow,filling the log baskets, lighting the fires, heating the water, warming the sauna. A place where fun is fishing through little holes drilled in to the frozen lake, racing across the ice on Grandma's old kick sledge, Easter egg hunts in the snow and rain!

I love our other life - it makes me grateful for things we take so much for granted - running water, flushing toilets, central heating. But there is something special about having to work quite hard to achieve basic things like hot water and heating. I love the lake - we caught lots of tiddlers but nothing worth eating! We are already planning our first fishing trip once the ice has melted. I think it may be a little while before it is warm enough for a post sauna dip - depends on how brave we are feeling!

Here is our water supply - only for washing us and the dishes!

So back home to all mod cons, school, work. I need to get busy on the Alien front - but more about them in my next post......


  1. I think your 'other life' looks truly magical!

  2. Just so beautiful. It looks like you had a great time. Appreciating the luxuries we all take for granted is a lovely thing for both us and children to recognise.