Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Holiday time!

We all enjoyed a lovely Easter break at our summer cottage, near Lappeenranta, about 40 kms from the Russian border. Lots of snow, clear blue skies - it was beautiful. I love the way of life there, back to basics and at the moment with the lake frozen there is no running water. So drinking water from the neighbours well and washing/sauna water from the lake, after my husband has drilled through the ice! Logs need to be collected to keep the fire going so plenty to do! The children had fun with a egg hunt on Sunday morning,nearly a disaster as it started to snow big time but my eagle eyed son managed to find them all.
Now we are off on a trip of another kind - the other extreme you might say, Orlando, Florida to see Mickey and his mates! At least it won't be -17 degrees C there. It will be nice too for the kids not to have to wear winter suits and boots for a few days. Time for some fun - I can't wait!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Eggs galore!

I have been making Easter eggs by the dozen, well at least 1 dozen! They are such fun to make and the possibilities are endless.....
Also talking of Easter, check out the Easter parade at http://qdpatooties.blogspot.com/ ,where I have a couple of entries - a hot chick and a Easter bunny! Some of the other entries are just amazing - what a clever lot we all are!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Almost done

My website is almost done but still needs a few finishing touches. Once I'm happy then I will go 'global' -in other words e mail everyone I know to tell them!! I have summoned up enough energy to finish the caterpillar and a pincushion I owed as a swap and tonight managed a few more Easter eggs. I really enjoy making them as the design possibilities are endless and they look great in a little nest!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Non creative week

It's actually been a bit of a 'non' week in all aspects! We have all been struck down with the flu so lots of paracetamol and hot drinks all round. Plus just as we thought spring was on its way , it snowed - lots - so winter is temporarily back well and truly. I managed to get to my business class but with the tutor deciding to choose this week to speak Finnish(usually the course is done in English), me blowing my nose like Dumbo and being deaf in one ear, I'm afraid the finer points of Pricing and Invoicing passed me by. Hopefully I will have better luck in next weeks Book keeping class!