Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Once in my lifetime

I have always loved sport as long as long as I can remember. School sports days, balancing bean bags on my head and of course the egg and spoon race.
School sports teams, lacrosse, rounders, athletics and later hockey. I loved it all come rain or shine. So no surprise when my chosen career was Physiotherapy and yes I spent many years treating sports injuries.
 Sport after school takes more effort but by joining a hockey club and jumping on  my bike I continued playing and taking part. I have even had a go at some less common sports including archery, triathlon and  I ran a marathon( a rarity for me!)
 Some sports however I do not enjoy, tennis being my number one 'hate'- legacy of tennis lessons at school!
Finally I have to mention orienteering, thanks to a friend who encouraged me to go one weekend. I loved it and found a new sport to pursue. I am where I am now thanks to orienteering having met my husband at the club Christmas party!
So when London was awarded the 2012 Olympics seven years ago I knew I had to be there.
I was.
We were there and loved it.
In the Olympic park, with the stadium behind.

Waiting for the off!

We saw the man of the moment run!

We saw javelin throwing, triple jumping, hurdles. with lots of crashes and falls and the highlight was Usain Bolt who strolled round his 200m heat. The noise was unbelievable! Everyone was in a great mood and hats of to all the volunteers who were just brilliant.
Once in my life time!


Home of Football!