Sunday, 20 July 2008

Happy Household

A good day for both of us! Finland won the Ladies relay in the World Orienteering championships and Great Britain won the men's relay, so we are both happy! Well done boys!! The lawn got mowed, the weeds got pulled up and I got through a shed load of washing - all finished off with a sauna and cold beer - lovely!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Great Outdoors

Back home after a few days 'holiday' if you can call running around a hilly rocky forest with a map and compass 'holiday'! We went orienteering near Jyväskylä and stayed in a spa hotel so for me at least it was a holiday from cooking,tidying, washing etc!!! The kids had a great time in the pool and the steam sauna helped work out the aches and pains. I spotted this little toilet house as we walked round the hotel grounds - wasn't sure whether to laugh or be offended! Here are the kids on a string orienteering course, wish mine had a piece of tape to follow!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Triffid potatoes!

Gardening advice needed - Are my potatoes supposed to look like this?! They are taking over the garden! Hopefully we may have a few potatoes to show for it along with the 6 beans , 4 peas and 8 carrots and even possibly a leek or two. We have also had plenty of luck fishing so a large fish soup is on the menu! Now we head off for a few days 'holiday' - a couple of days orienteering near Jyväskylä, a nice hotel with a pool, child care provided whilst husband and I wander around the woods, no cooking! Think I might just sneak my felting kit in when no one is looking!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

One month later..........

A month with nothing new , my apologies. June was a busy month with every weekend being spent away from home. Fun but tiring, and the humungous piles of washing that materialise after a few days away from home! - takes me all week to clear it and then it reappears, Arghhhh!
What were we up to you may ask? Visits to the summer cottage - more fishing with a couple of good catches, the interment of my father in laws ashes - simple but very moving, midsummer jollifications(and yes it rained), orienteering in Jukola Viesti, the biggest relay race in the world( I think)with some friends over from UK - exhausting but a great weekend. I have even managed some felting and the snowmen are slowly multiplying!
Holiday time is now here, the children have finished daycare so my peace has been shattered. I have been digging out the old favourites to keep them busy, bubbles, the paddling pool and making slushies! Happy Holidays!!