Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Triffid potatoes!

Gardening advice needed - Are my potatoes supposed to look like this?! They are taking over the garden! Hopefully we may have a few potatoes to show for it along with the 6 beans , 4 peas and 8 carrots and even possibly a leek or two. We have also had plenty of luck fishing so a large fish soup is on the menu! Now we head off for a few days 'holiday' - a couple of days orienteering near Jyväskylä, a nice hotel with a pool, child care provided whilst husband and I wander around the woods, no cooking! Think I might just sneak my felting kit in when no one is looking!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes that's potatoes look like, they'll be ready to lift after the plants have flowered and the tops have died back a bit. You don't need to empty the whole sack at once, you'll be able to scoop some out with your hands and leave the rest of the plant alone. Remember to keep them well watered!