Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Multiple stab injuries

I have struggled to get back into felting after holidays, Christmas etc and it shows. This week I have really got stuck into the needle felting again but I have stabbed myself so many times. Usually I stick myself once/twice in a days work. Well I'm well into double figures and it's only Wednesday! Must pay more attention and not get so carried away.
Here is what I am working on.... Waiting for a bit of colour. I often make the core of a project with grey or white wool as the dyed wool is a lot more expensive and no one sees the inside!

Easter bunnies in bits!

Need some icing and a few sprinkles!

Aliens quietly awaiting a few teeth and of course the all important eye or eyes!


  1. Poor you, your fingers must look like Frank's bottom! He has multiple stab wounds too. I am on line about to order from your website. Very excited to try felting. Hope the fingersheal soon and look forward to seeing the finished objects. Do you do chickens? We are hoping to get chickens in the late Spring and wanted to get Frank a felt one to open as a gift at the same time.

  2. Hopefully the self stabbing is now over! :)