Monday, 11 January 2010

Wanted - a new home for Marvin!

To celebrate 100 posts on my blog, it's giveaway time! poor Marvin needs a new home. All his buddies have gone off to pastures new and he is feeling a bit put out and lonesome. So to help out Marvin and me leave me a comment with a suggestion for new Alien names beginning with 'E'. Names will go in a hat next week and Marvin will be on his way!



  1. My little Marvin you poor little green one! At my place, home in Norway, there is always room for a one-eyed-alien. And there is plenty of other needled creatures, such as my own troll and angels. There is a bear from Canada, a dog from Sweden,flowers from Australia and there is still room for you !

    Marvin, I got an eye for you :)

    What about ELMER ?

    Congratulate, Amanda !!

  2. great giveaway.....!!!!
    new name with "e"...... i think "eddie" is a good name for a alien.......
    i hope to win it..... :)

  3. How keen am I? Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments recently. I am struggling at the moment but hopeful too.
    Ok, so, love the alien and think any alien with a name beginning with E should be called Emo.
    Your website had me drooling the other day. Will place an order soon, I think!

  4. Oh, he's just great!!!

    Names for aliens beginning with E... hmm... Ernie, Erno, Edgar, Edvin, Eevert, Erkki, Elmo, Emppu... do you like any of those?! :)))

    Have a happy 2010!!!

  5. Hi there...he is so cute!! My sugestion for Alien names with 'E' are...Emanuel, Erasmus...I specially like erasmus...don't know

  6. aww poor guy, no where to go, we'll adopt him and call him Euclid, cod he looks so er, smart

  7. How about Englebert, Emit or Eric (the green) for the boys and Elexus Edwina, Espaeranza for the girls. I am sure he would fit right in with my other strange and wonderful things I keep to help inspire me. I will have my fingers crosses for my name to be picked out of the hat. I really enjoy following your blog.

  8. He looks so sweet... what do you think about Ediz?
    Greetings serajah

  9. I like Elke or Ellen for a girl alien and Ed or Elizar for a boy.

  10. How about Evan? That is my brothers name, and he really is an alien to me!

    Esther for a girl. :)

    Congratulations on 100 posts! I'm glad to know you!

  11. Congrats on your 100th post! Hmmm... E names that haven't already been suggested... How about Echo, Eadoin, Ebony, Effie, Eli, Errol, or Ezra?

  12. Ellis is good. I'm pretty sure Elmo is an alien.
    Theresa N

  13. I like Elvin, Echo, Einstein or Exetor for a boy and Edwina, Eugenia, Elkie for a girl.

    Marvin is just so adorable.

  14. Congratulations on 100 posts! I think "Egbert" is a smashing "E" name for an alien...


  15. Egon or maybe Eliza if it's a girl alien!

  16. It looks like an Eldon or Eugenia to me.

  17. Ik vind het een beetje ET en als Hij wil naar huis, mijn huis is een goede plek om te wonen.
    Groeten van Irene

  18. o my gosh i am completely in love with marvin!!! i think you should be pursuing finnish names like elisa or eija or something traditionally english like edwina or edward (maybe with "prince" in front?!)

  19. oh, your works are gorgeous. I think that name should be choosing after new alien will be born then you can see which name will be more suitable. Don’t know but maybe emerald:)