Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Writing does not come easily to me. I only ever managed to scrape a couple of pages of a small exercise book at school for that 'create a story ' homework. Even in my job as a Physiotherapist I didn't have to write much and even then it looked a bit like this
 #RNOF-> RTHR. SLR/ hip Flex exs. Up FWB. FU OP 6/52.
Another language isn't it!
I have been blogging for just over 3 years now and my writing is still hit and miss!  Nowadays the most writing I ever do with a pen is entering blood sugar numbers into a logbook and that is usually a frenzied catch up every fortnight or so! Will the day ever come when we don't have to use a pen? Even the need for signatures is dwindling with chip and pin and online form filling.
OK that's out of my system now - time to go do something I can do - making things. Yes alien production line in full flow! May have to do an Alien Sugar bolus - there's a phrase I'd never thought I'd write......


  1. The "Alien Sugar Bolus" is a GREAT idea!!!! AND...me too, never was a writer. I find it funny that I love to blog.

  2. You had me at 'Alien Sugar Bolus'. Yep. Writing is so over-rated, anyway. I mean, when you can create adorable artwork that speaks for itself, who needs words?! ;)

  3. why write when you can felt?
    (keep blogging though, no need for a pen there!)