Sunday, 29 May 2011

Note to self...

Don't look at the screen of an insulin pump with 3D cinema glasses on unless you want a heart attack in the cinema...... Quick edit - it shows a horrible black screen with multi coloured splodges on it - thought we had complete pump failure, but no just had my groovy 3D specs on!!!!

Don't let the general public loose with felting needles unless you want a bent broken heap of metal in return...

Don't feed the cat that new cat food unless you want cat sick all over your magazines/clean washing/middle of the stairs.....


  1. Ugh. Keep swimming, my friend.

  2. I have never looked at the pump with the 3D glasses?! AND...bummer on the needles and the cat puke!


  3. rough weekend? I agree keep swimming till you reach shore. Then keep an walking.
    It doesn't want me to comment with my google profile so I will try this way.

  4. Why, thank you for the useful tips! You know I am going to have to go find a pair of 3D glasses now, don't you?!