Thursday, 9 June 2011

Don't cook the insulin!

Take one small boy on school holiday.
Add one week of sports activity in 25-30 degrees C heat.
Attach one insulin pump in groovy sports pouch to hot sweaty body of above small boy.
Allow to run around for 6 hours.
(Pull off failed CGM sensor after 2½ days(Grrrr)) optional
Watch blood sugar fail and rise like the Himalayas.
A tried and tested recipe for cooked insulin - works everytime!!

On a side note, I went shopping today for the biggest bottle of fizzy brown liquid I could find, along with a large tube of sweets. While it may work wonders for raising those sport induced lows, we have a mission. We are doing MYTHBUSTERS!!  I'm sure you have all seen those videos and inspired by a great episode of Adam and Jamie we are undertaking our own science experiment - the coke and mints fountain. Not in my garden I hasten to add but in the safe piece of marshland next to the lake at the summer cottage - So exciting!!