Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Not a good time

Craft fair next week , Half term this week, not a good time!!! I can see next week is going to disappear in a mass of labelling, printing, sticking, sewing and general frenzy in getting everything ready for next Friday - building day! The fair is only a weekend but this time I have a 4.5 m2 cubicle to myself. A bit scary after a little table! I plan to display a few pictures this time round as well as a variety of 'bits and bobs' including Easter decorations. I have a lot of finishing to do but know once I knuckle down to it, it doesn't take that long. Oh yes and the accounts - well that's another thing to do..........


  1. Will you be selling the bunnies? Those are the sweetest little things! Wish I could hop a plane.

    Good luck getting everything done. One breath at a time.

  2. Yes lots of bunnies for sale! Slowly winning with my list of things to do :)