Friday, 10 July 2009

Blog, what's that?

Ah yes I remember I have a blog! What with the children at home on school holidays and any rare 'free' time taken up with felting(keeps me sane!) my poor old blog has been ignored. It probably won't get much attention in the next few weeks either as O starts his holiday and we have to dig out the pier at the summer cottage and install a new one. I have been busy with a felting order which is potentially very exciting for me but will tell more later......!
Happy holidays all - the strawberry season has just started here too, so I'm off to sit by the lake and eat strawberries!


  1. Happy holidays to you too ! And enjoy your strawberries :)

  2. Stop, don't eat those strawberries, or at least not the squishy ones! I just read that strawberries are great for using as a natural dye for pink felt...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)