Friday, 19 February 2010

In the pump queue

So now we wait, hopefully not too long, before we take the next step in our diabetes 'adventure' (can I call it that?!) Aleksi's HbA1C was much better at 7.3 from 8.2, helped along I'm sure by a few 'lows'. However we now feel, including the Doctor, that the insulin pump is the way to go. Here in Finland they use the Minimed Paradigm Veo pump and they are hoping to get approval for us to be supplied with the Continuos Glucose Monitoring sensors too. With luck it will be our turn April/early May. It involves a 3 day stay in hospital and lots of learning!
Meanwhile it is still very cold and snowy, actually quite normal for February in Finland, but we haven't had a day above freezing since Christmas.
It was Alien eye day yesterday - fiddly but the end result is so satisfying as you see the little guys and gals come to life! Rabbbit eyes and noses next then sprinkles for the doughnuts. I hope to squeeze in a bit of wet felting soon but it is school holidays next week and I have promised to make real pasta with Elli. Sounds like fun too!!


  1. I`m so glad for you:)) My little niece, 11 years old, got a dia-pump and after she got it (three years since), the life was easier for her and her parents :))

    Yes, it is fun when you see results and the felting come to life !!

    Happy felting !

  2. I'm so excited for you! We have the minimed will be so simple to use.

    It will take a little getting used to...but I promise soon, you won't know how you got through without it!


  3. Good news on the pump! We wish you all a smooth ride with it and look forward to hearing how it all goes in due course.

  4. I'm glad you are on schedule to get a pump! It takes a bit of re-education. Daniel has a minimed as well -- the paradigm. But since he's a teenager, he is totally in control of his pump. I'd have to get on the phone with minimed at this point if I had to make any changes...

    Hooray for the lower A1C. We couldn't even get an appointment to get in to see the endocrinologist when we were supposed to. We'll find out Daniel's A1c in April.

    All the best to you,