Saturday, 14 August 2010

Things we do for love

Like standing in the supermarket with my all important piece of paper,
studying barcodes on small packets of Lego!
Oh yes, mad as it may sound but it has saved us time, money and the frustration of getting 5 the same. I am talking about Lego minifigures - we love them!  Great pocket money buys and good(dare I say it) bribes!

Here is one of our many mutants - a zombie headed, ninja hatted wrestler on one ski, singing karaoke!


  1. That little figure at the end made me laugh out loud and read your post to my husband! He was mighty impressed with the bar codes.

  2. Clever. I only wish I'd realise to save the bar codes. Your house is obviously full of Lego pros. We are mere novices.
    But then again, any Lego bag/box/package that ends up in this house is torn open within four seconds and the shreds are used for V.I.A.C. (Very Important Arts and Crafts).

  3. I've done the same! don't show your kids the lego head stitch markers though, they might be upset.