Friday, 10 September 2010

Hey NASA/MI5, need help?

As I staggered, lurched, crawled out of bed at 1.00am this morning, the chimes of Big Ben ringing in my head ( courtesy of my I pod alarm), I managed to avoid kicking the cat, standing on the small toy car parked conveniently in the bedroom door way and destroying the carefully laid out tea party for the Littlest Pet shop hamster.
It got better. Torch in mouth, glasses on, I quietly opened and shut the very loud top on the test strip bottle, inserted said strip the correct way into the blood sugar meter, muffling the very loud beep it makes when you do that.
  I then managed to wrestle a hand out that was well and truly buried in the duvet, select a finger that looked the cleanest, click and clunk the blood letter and dip the small end of the test strip into the smallest dot of blood.
Time for more deft pump programming, bolus for the high and then a quick bit of button pressing to set a temp basal to run through til morning.
Job done in 3 minutes, back to bed and no one even stirred, not even the cat!
Impressive or what!!!!


  1. at least you didn't have to dangle from the ceiling!!

  2. OMG...sounds so familiar...especially wrestling the curled fingers out from under the covers. I love your blog...found you from Candy Hearts!