Saturday, 5 February 2011

A sense of normality

Despite the fact that I am facing a 3 hour hip operation first thing Monday morning life has to go on! The washing hasn't quite mastered the art of sorting itself and climbing into the washing machine and no matter how many times I open the fridge door it hasn't restocked it's self! Blood sugar still has to be checked and to ease the pressure somewhat we have been blessed with a week of almost perfect numbers! Thank you!
So no time to dwell on what may be even though I took 5 minutes to 'put my affairs in order' - not long really to put all the necessary stuff on a bit of paper! I feel I am in very good hands with the surgeon, whom I met on Thursday  and who patiently answered all my probing questions - well a physiotherapist/patient needs to know all those things!
I have even put my felting skills to use and made myself a bag - a ' help I have no hands free, walking on crutches and  have shed loads of stuff I need to carry' bag.  Felting update on the Aliens - now safely in their new home, Crewcuts, 50 Hudson Street, New York - if you are in the area please go say Hi for me!
So here goes the next step, albeit on crutches and with a tin hip!.............................


  1. I wish you the very best of luck :)

    Big hugs from Petrine :)

  2. PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!

    If I were there I'd take over. What's another household at time like this?

    PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING...please update us when you can!!!!!

  3. being recovering from a knee replacement, i feel the inconvinience with you. i wish you all the best and the courage and energy to recover. thinking of you on monday, i'll light a candlle.
    love, riet:)

  4. Been thinking of you lots over this. Hope all goes really really well and dare I say it (with typical English dark humour) break a leg!! All digits crossed on Monday for you.

  5. I was just thinking about you! I will be wishing you the speediest, most pain-free, most pampered recovery possible friend.

  6. AAAAAaggggghhhhhhh. Oh how I hope and pray for a super speedy recovery for you!!!! I love taht you made a bag for your convalescence ;). I would have been thinking along those lines, too. "How can I create something in the time I have left before surgery and make it useful, too?!" Nice job.

    Update when you can and just know you are being lifted in healing prayers! - - - Love - Amy