Tuesday, 5 April 2011

No need to ask why, it's just because

Why did I spend most of last night chasing a low blood sugar, enhanced by a beeping pump and CGM?
Why did I spend the night before last beating down a high blood sugar that would not go away?
Just because.....
Why did our son get type 1 Diabetes?
Why did I get a rare bone cancer that only affects one in a quarter of a million(not because I am the special one!)?
Just because....
Why do I make little green creatures from outer space from wool?
Just because...

'Why' is a great question but not always an easy one to answer. Why?
Just because.....


  1. lIFE AIN'T FAIR.....

    take care

  2. Great attitude. I love your gutsy take on it all. Hugs from Colchester where it was cold and rainy today, if that helps!

  3. You are wise and right in that there is no answer for why difficult things happen to us or our loved ones. I guess the important thing is how we move forward and incorporate our hardships into our lives and characters. Thank you so much for your message. xx

  4. I love those big loving eyes...I swear I wanna go to NYC just so I can see them live :)

    Just because.