Monday, 29 August 2011

Another grey hair!

On a good day he could run the course in about 15 minutes I reckoned, say 20 minutes.
The minutes ticked past 20, no sign.
25 minutes went by, OK maybe he got a bit lost or was a bit tired.
30 minutes had now gone since Aleksi went out on his orienteering course.
Now I was a little concerned, I grabbed a gel pack and my crutch but just before I decided to panic and run into the woods searching for him I rang him on his phone. He wears one of Tallygears tummietotes when orienteering, 3 pouches for the pump, a fruit bar snack and his phone.
He answers with a cheery Hello - great he is not lost or so low he can't go any further. No my little man had met another little guy on his course and they had been gently jogging, walking and chatting their merry way round the course. 2 minutes later he charged down to the finishing line waving his map at me as he passed. Big sigh, more grey hairs, just another day!

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