Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A sad day for Finland

Today one is greeted by a sight of forlorn flags hung at half mast. Today is a national day of mourning, following the harrowing events of yesterday. The sky is clear blue and there is no wind, the leaves are the most glorious array of reds, yellows and orange - beautiful. A day to remember, a sad day.


  1. I'm so sad for you and all your family & friends. This is a terrible tragedy. I wept buckets of tears when we had a madman shoot primary kids in Dunblane,everyone was in shock for ages. Be kind to yourselves, and don't feel guilty if your little girls still laugh and play and do normal things.

  2. Thanks for your kind words - I have tried to explain to the children what has happened, hopefully in a way that a 4 and 6 year old will understand at their level. Not easy but I feel you cannot hide from the realities of life.