Thursday, 9 October 2008

I know winter is coming when......

the little snowflake appears on my car computer, the kids put their hats on with no arguing, I put a hat on(!), I turn on the 'hot' seats in the car, 'steam' comes out of our mouths as we walk to school/ daycare,the cat refuses to go outside. Yes it is well on its way - yippee we want snow!! The down side - new winter suits and boots for the kids, changing the summer tyres to winter tyres(hubbys' job!), lost gloves and hats (again).
We are actually having a beautiful autumn. I don't remember so many lovely coloured leaves and clear blue skies. The squirrels are stocking up on peanuts and the birds are heading off for warmer climes! It has also been an amazing year for mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.


  1. These, along with many others were growing at the bottom of the garden. A veritable Fungal paradise!