Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Daily workout

At last a proper winter, snow and below zero temperatures. As I work at home some days I hardly leave the house so I have been making an effort to walk/sledge the children to school. Good in many ways - it is alot easier to get A and E ready and out the door on time with the promise of a sledge ride and it's great exercise for me! I struggled yesterday morning as the Finnish authorities, with their usual efficiency, had ploughed and gritted the pavements so the sledges wouldn't slide!! Last night I got O to get down from storage,the big old wooden sledge my brothers and I had as children. We flew to school this morning - it is big enough for both of them and they rode in style!!
The easter eggs are multiplying, my brain is not quite ready for wet felting yet but I think tomorrow maybe and hurray I have just about sorted out my accounts!!