Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Great - the weekend away was planned, the kids already to go to their aunt and uncle and I get raging toothache. Now I (sorry) HATE going to the dentist. But go I had to and did. Well toothache sort of sorted and a lovely weekend was had by all! Inspired by all things teeth I have made this for my dentist. I guess she doesn't get many presents and I may not be so enamoured after my root canal work tomorrow!
Bunnies and Easter eggs are occupying my mind at the moment along with aliens, leaves and my accounts. No wonder I keep waking up at night!


  1. cute toothy-peg!
    I love the ice pattern, wouldn't that look fab over the shoulders of a man's sweater?

  2. The ice was on the lake at the hotel hubby and I stayed in - it was beautiful. It would look good knitted!

  3. Sorry about your dental issues. Hope it all worked out well!