Thursday, 12 March 2009

Oh to be young again!

We took the children downhill skiing for the first time this weekend - it was a delight to see them take to it like a duck to water. Just so natural for them at this age. E started cautiously but by the end of the 3 days was sailing down a blue run, turning beautifully and stopping when she wanted!
A just went! Balanced and fearless he just took off! He eventually realised that turning and stopping were pretty crucial and again skied the blue run effortlessly(less turns than we would like though!) They even managed the button lift and even the scary T bar lift(I have awful memories of those things when I was a beginner......)
So guess what we will be doing more of in the future - fine by me!
Snacks before ski school.


And we had some sunshine too!


  1. you have been nomiated for an Honest Scrap award!- see my blog
    btw I would love to learn to ski - what fun you've had with your kids!

  2. I wish I had learned to ski at such an early age. Young kids have no fear! I only learned when I was older, and was too scared of slamming into a tree to have much fun.

    But I love the hot cocoa afterwards!

  3. The kids also loved the hot chocolate(A even happy to have an extra shot in his tummy for it!)I was 17 when I learnt to ski,fun but when I saw the kids whizzing along wished I had been 10 years younger!

  4. Oh bless they look so cute all wrapped up!
    Sounds like you had lots of fun... Sx