Thursday, 3 June 2010


Sorry blog and bloggers for neglecting you all. I do have a huge long list of excuses..........
May flew by far to fast. It seem to be consumed by health issues, all good though. A's pump is ticking along nicely, yes we have had disconnections at night, ripped tubing at the summer cottage, air bubbles when you shouldn't have air bubbles, highs and lows, frantic phone calls from school - but all in all it is great!
  I have even managed some felting and I will do a post about the fabulous course I did a month ago(already!). I have been making gifts for school teachers and day care staff, end of term this week(already!).That's another post!
Not one to sit still too long I am also taking another felting course locally. I am making a floor mat, just a mere 2 metres by 1.5 metres. I have been weight training! I have just made some prefelt which I now have to cut into 5x10 cms rectangles, about 150 I reckon. Next week I have 2 evenings to put it all together and will then spend the weekend, rocking and rolling with gallons of hot soapy water and a heavy pile of wet wool! Exciting!!


  1. Hallo again ! Happy to hear that the pump is doing its job and hope it will be easier by the time. It was like that in the beginning with my little niece too. But now it works fine !!

    Im looking forward to see some of you work and pics from course you did.

    So long :)

  2. Talk about neglect...I got your boys pump skin! I PROMISE to mail it next week! Glad the pump is working out for you! Even with all the problems you have run into, it is still awesome, isn't it?

  3. I had realised you were probably busy with the pump and am really pleased to hear it is going so well. Look forward to hearing about your felting adventures soon!