Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Glorious weather, warm water in the lake, long evenings and 3 generations of the Mononen family all make for a wonderful midsummer. Of course diabetes came along too but generally behaved. I did discover however that sand and quick sets don't mix and it is a good idea to take off the (rather expensive) pump when A goes off fishing with his Dad on the lake!
 We found a safe spot for the pump on a birch tree next to the lake, whilst the kids messed about in the warm water.

We fished and we celebrated Midsummer with the traditional bonfire, despite the hundreds of mosquitoes!!!

Now I am tackling the usual humungous pile of washing and doing all the chores that need to be done.......
On a side note, for some reason this made me smile and I am sure to some of you reading this you will smile too. I doubt too many people have their alarm clocks set up like this!
Sleep well!

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  1. When we go to the beach, Daniel gets one of the very large waterproof band-aids. He unhooks his pump, and we keep it in a cooler. Then he covers the site with the large band-aid to keep the sand out of it. The sticky part of the band-aid doesn't touch the insertion site at all. You are right -- sand does NOT mix with the pump!

    Looks like you had fun!