Friday, 9 July 2010

From the hard stuff to the soft stuff.

Lego, lego everywhere and what fun we had! We had a really very pleasant drive through Sweden and Denmark and then spent 2 busy hot days at Legoland. The hotel was perfect, right next to the park, lego everywhere to build and excellent food. Yay, no cooking! Needless to say we came home with a car load of lego, squeezed in along side the duty free!! Now it's home to do the washing and I had hoped a bit of felting, perhaps planning for Christmas. Weird I know in the middle of a summer heatwave but time zooms along. However we are off to do a bit of orienteering first at the Finnish 5 day event near Imatra, Eastern Finland. Thankfully it is near our summer cottage, so swims in the lake and wood fueled saunas after a hot days running in the woods.
So with luck I may get to dive into the soft stuff and get creating again in a weeks time. The hard stuff is here to stay - we almost have enough lego to build the garden shed we so desperately need!
Of course Diabetes gets a quick mention, hurray for the pump, hurray for easy bolusing those enormous ice creams, hurray for getting most of our carb calculations right. OK we had the odd - oops where did that number come from but generally Diabetes behaved itself.
Mmmm - I wonder if  I could make a pancreas from Lego.................


  1. I am so happy to hear that pumping is a success! We are overrun with Lego in our home too...but it keeps them away from the TV for awhile, so I let them stay!

  2. Sounds like a fab trip. I am hankering after a trip to Finland and when we do get around to it I will definitely call you up. Lego goes down so well here too, the concentration it produces is just so lovely to watch. I like to do it myself too.
    Good luck with the Lego pancreas! This time next year you'll be a Delboy style millionaire!!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Good to hear that your trip was good! Wasn't Legoland really something. We really enjoyed it last year. Let's have a cup of coffee someday...Greetings to kids and Olli