Monday, 4 October 2010


Well a slightly better name than roadkill, which as my dear husband pointed out this little lot look like! Since doing my course with Brigitte Krag Hansen in May I have been scouring the internet for raw fleece. You never quite know what you are going to get but I have had a few good buys from Etsy and E bay. Thankfully the glorious summer we had made washing wool a breeze and from those great piles of wooly fluff these little dears appeared. Meet the Splat Family.

From top right, Sauli, Simo, Saila, Sid, Suvi and Seppo - most who have gone to new homes.
I have been lucky enough to find some new raw fleeces which are drying in the sauna at the moment so some new Splats will be appearing soon. They are really fun to make and each seems to have their own dazed expression - wouldn't you if you had been squashed! Well and truly splatted!!


  1. I love the casual "drying in the sauna" comment. Only in Finland is a sauna at home nothing to explain. I am jealous of this! Love these new creatures. Am going to try to felt an insulin pump for Frank soon to go with a doll I've ordered from a friend for Christmas. Will post if it works out, otherwise will just send you a quiet e.mail for you to snigger at!

  2. WAY COOL...and yes wtf? with a sauna in your house? Is there really a sauna? And if so I am incredibly jealous.

    Love the expressions on there forgot to add they first got a sauna before being splatted.

  3. Simply Smashing Splats!!!!
    I love them.
    Love, Riet

  4. I love these. They are hilarious, awful and cute all at the same time! Totally up my alley!

  5. I love your Splats ! They are so funny !

    Happy felting !

  6. I love these they are fun :-)

  7. Super choć do końca nie wiem co to. Miło Cię poznać.