Sunday, 31 October 2010


It doesn't take much nowadays to make me happy - seeing that lovely 5.5 blood glucose reading at 11 o'clock at night, watching my children confidently heading off for a day at school, that first sip of my mid morning coffee and that satisfaction at finishing another felt creation.
Today I felt as though I had hit the jackpot! There is no doubt that winter is fast approaching here in Finland. The winter tyres are on and the car heaters plugged in. It also means winter jackets and trousers and the dreaded winter boots. Growing children mean rapidly growing feet so with fera and trepidation I made the children try on last years winter boots - 2 sets, one set for cold, wet snow and one set for very cold dry snow. They all fit! That is 200 euros we have saved - now that makes me so happy!


  1. this must feel like winning a small lotery-price!
    enjoy the rest of your sunday. love, riet

  2. I'm happy to hear that you're happy. Makes me happy too. hahaha!! I can feel you're happiness when you discovered that the boots for the children fitted them. Happy greetings.... Peebee

  3. LOVE goes very similar here in VT...we had our first dusting of snow today. AND...our ice rink is in the process of getting put up.

  4. We don't always get snow but I can understand the happiness you felt in finding last winters boots still fitting, my son is ever growing and fittted mens sizes since 12 years old, which cost more. Thank you for joining in my little prize quiz on my blog.