Saturday, 11 December 2010

Pre Christmas rush

The Christmas fair is behind me and now I am doing some last minute orders, play food - done and posted, 20 christmas decorations - done and awaiting collection, A hamburger(don't ask!) - starting Monday, A collection of woodland animals - after the burger. So no feet up with coffee and a good book just yet!
Also next week I have the privilege to be hosting the weekly Sugar Bolus - this week is being hosted by Nicole at The We Cara Lot blog. Don't forget to come back here next Friday 17th - my turn!!


  1. Hey, do you do felt hair accessories? I have this awesome 6 inch in diameter flower on a little black elastic headband that I ADORE. The flower is made from felt and I immediately thought of you. I will post a pic in a post soon...I think you could hit a big market with that. Who doesn't LOVE hair accessories?!

    Cannot wait to see your Sugar Bolus girl!

  2. i whish you lots of inspiration and lovely short feet up coffees! love, riet:)

  3. I can't wait to see your sugar bolus!!!